Most experts will recommend strong, engaging subject lines to increase open rates. They will likely also suggest emphasizing a sense of urgency, testing days & times, and personalization. These are all fantastic ideas that are crucial to generating more “opens”.

While the ideas I mentioned are important, the content of the email itself cannot be overlooked. You may wonder how improving the content will impact Open Rates considering that those who don’t open the email will never see the content.

I personally believe that a strong product will sell itself. Meaning, readers will continue to open your emails and share them with others if the content is worthwhile. I make it a habit to “flag” or mark important emails as “unread” in order to return to them later on at a more convenient time. I do this regardless of when the email arrived or what the subject line is. I know which emails I find important and that I want to read them because the content is valuable.

Many marketers can suggest the best time to send an email, or create catchy subject lines. Creating valuable content, however, requires a lot more work. Ask yourself what information you find valuable and survey others in your network as well. Map out your next 4-6 emails and plan articles, videos, case studies and other content to gaurantee your readers are receiving quality emails each time you press “send”