“A little goes a long way.” Maybe you’ve been cautioned with this phrase when applying hot sauce to a sandwich or while trying out a new brand of cologne. Have you ever thought of its utility in promoting your business? Starting today, you just might have to. 

Think of the dominant companies that comprise the Fortune 500. While their missions and strategies differ, one thing they have in common is their brand’s recognizability. As it turns out, it doesn’t take a massive budget for you to follow in similar footsteps. Something as simple as putting your company’s logo on a sticker or magnet can be a strong push in the right direction. 

Studies have shown that, even in the midst of our world’s swift transition to digital, traditional branded products remain incredibly beneficial to successful promotion. In fact, branded products have proven to deliver a better return on investment than radio and outdoor advertising, and are just as valuable as print and TV advertisements. Plus, 79% of people who received a promotional product said they would be likely to do business with that company.

Thankfully, the road to navigating the branding world can be a pretty smooth one thanks to the exceptional work of companies like Sticker Mule. With just a few clicks, you can put your logo on stickers, tape, labels, and even magnets to ensure your business leaves its mark. It may be simple, but it’s equally powerful and memorable to consumers. Just like hot sauce or cologne, a little really can go a long way in business.