What is a brand? A brand is more than just the name, symbol, and colors of the company. A brand is intangible, an experience, a set of expectations, memories, and relationships that are formed when people think about you. Some of the biggest brands, such as Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and Microsoft, collect most of their profits from their brand’s monetary value. Brands have the potential to generate lots of income and are certainly worth protecting and nourishing. Take a look at a few key steps to help strengthen your brand.

  1. Understanding Your Brands Image

Brand image is how your target and potential audience perceive your brand. Consumers create your brand’s image based on various factors such as the way your employees are dressed, your website, your business cards, the cleanliness of your store, and more. This is why many of our clients come to AJE to create their brand online during the early stages of building their business. Without an effort to maintain a consistent brand image throughout every interaction a consumer has with your brand, you’ll find it very hard to develop an easily recognizable one.

  1. Maximizing Branding Identity and Experience

A brand has limited control of its brand image. They can’t control what others put on the internet about your brand and a person’s individual experience with the product or service being offered. However, they can influence their brand image by shaping the brand’s identity. A brand’s identity consists of features that you can control such as the logo, colors, experience, and customer service. Take Starbucks, for instance. They offer a consistent brand experience in every Starbucks you visit. They created a unique community of coffee lovers that are true brand ambassadors. These consistent features should reflect the brand’s visions and values that your brand is based around. Staying on top of your brand’s identity has the power to influence people’s feelings, emotions, and attitudes towards your brand.

  1. Utilizing Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning is taking aspects of your brand’s identity and exemplifying some of them to a specific audience. To maximize profits, most companies target slightly different audiences in different advertisements. Let’s imagine that Apple wanted to target the business community. They will still market how beautiful and sleek they are; however, they will put a significant amount of emphasis on how secure and well made they are built. Targeting a specific audience in different advertisements and promotions will help you with maximizing your profits.

Now that you have learned 3 key steps to strengthen your brand, it’s time to get started with implementing your vision. If you’re having trouble getting started our experienced marketing team can help you get started. The final product will leave you with a complete brand transformation.