The world may have looked a little different this summer as COVID-19 continues to linger. Nevertheless, the sun is out, the days are long, and your business should embrace these warm moments while you still can. Now is the perfect time to capitalize on the opportunities this sunny season can provide to give your marketing strategy a fun and fresh twist.  


1. Offer Seasonal Sales and Discounts

Everyone loves saving money, even if it’s just a little bit. Be an extra ray of sunshine in your customers’ lives by offering a sale or discount on your products or services for a limited time. The final days of summer, back to school, and Labor Day are must-hit holidays and seasonal happenings for dropping sales. Make sure to tailor your discounts to each occasion to ensure each one is special. If you’re a photography company, highlight the beautiful moments you can capture that are unique to the summertime, discounting your services for an end of summer sale. If your business sells children’s clothes or services, reward parents and kids alike on the return to school with a sale. Drive these special offers home by creating an email list of past and potential clients to remind them of these great opportunities.


2. Take (Safely) To The Streets

People are taking advantage of enjoying the summer sun while they can. Why not do the same with your business? Given the current restrictions of the pandemic, wisely avoid any festivals or street fairs that may be up and running. Instead, set an admirable example by setting up in spacious areas, like local parks, to safely and smartly promote your business. Whether it be through flyers, posters, or at a stand, capitalize on being able to interact with locals and show them who you are. If you have new products, events, or deals specifically tailored for summer, this is the place to show them off. Or, consider handing out free stickers, gift cards, or custom swag. Make sure to reinforce social distancing, wear masks, and stock up on some sanitizer!


3. Host a Summer Themed (Virtual) Event

With school out and a pandemic hindering normal summertime activities, people are constantly looking for things to keep them busy. Consider offering virtual events that are specific to summer while everyone can still enjoy the warmth and downtime. If your business revolves around fitness, encourage new and regular clients alike to enjoy the outdoors and join you for a virtual class. If you’re in the food industry, host a cooking class that features dishes that are perfect for the summer. As always, social media platforms are your friend when it comes to getting the word out. Give the rundown on your event in a post that encapsulates the summer theme to demonstrate just how fantastic it will be.


4. Embrace the Outdoors for Social Posts and Online Content

While the weather is warm, the sun is bright, and the grass is green, take out a camera to show off your products during this picturesque season. Snap some pictures of your goods with a beautiful summery background to spice up your social feed and highlight seasonal offerings, like a new shirt, drink, or service that is unique to summertime. To put some faces behind your brand, find some loyal customers featuring your products in action or interacting with your team on a sunny day. To encourage further engagement, ask customers to take to their own social media platforms, presenting different summertime hashtags that incorporate your company’s name or product. If you’re offering a summer event or just released something new, invite people to use a special hashtag that calls attention to your #newproduct. Consider rewarding customers with small discounts who post on their accounts when they tag your business and include your unique hashtag. Not only will doing so inspire customer engagement, but will give your business some additional, free promotion!