Choosing the best furniture and features to fit your unique style is essential to creating the perfect home. Why should designing your backyard be any different? When you choose Backyard Kingdom for all of your outdoor needs, it doesn’t have to be. 

With a team of knowledgeable and friendly experts, Backyard Kingdom knows a thing or two about great craftsmanship. With customizable products made with only the highest quality materials, this New York-based company ensures that every customer has their products tailored to their desires. Whether you’re located locally or long distance, the Backyard Kingdom team will come right to your home or business to build something beautiful.

The Backyard Kingdom team came to Aje looking for a website that served as an online catalog to showcase their diverse selection of services to customers. With products ranging from swing sets to outdoor furniture and sheds, they needed a site that balanced a playful, fun aesthetic with bold professionalism. The site’s new black and white color scheme does just that, combining simplicity with power on every page.


Like all great websites, Backyard Kingdom needed a site that made a strong first impression, showing users who they are and what they can do. Our team made sure that they could both show and tell potential customers why they should choose BK for their next project. Their updated homepage greets visitors with stunning photos of their work and detailed background information on their company’s history, services, and mission.

Since Backyard Kingdom’s business is driven by contact between clients and their team, we guaranteed that visitors could easily discover methods of getting in touch on their site. In addition to a contact page that offers several ways to reach BK, their homepage now gives clients access to secure a free consultation. This valuable element allows customers to detail exactly how they want their product designed, including choices in materials like wood, poly, or vinyl, with a trusted BK team member. 

After browsing their incredible products and understanding their mission, potential clients can feel even better about their decision to choose Backyard Kingdom for their latest outdoor endeavor. With multiple testimonials on their new homepage from real customers, users can see for themselves why BK’s service, expertise, and products are the best choice for all of their backyard needs. 

For Backyard Kingdom, an inviting, informative website was all they needed to reach a vast new audience of potential customers. Through galleries that highlight their impressive range of products, the BK team has embraced digital to encourage unprecedented attention.  With a navigable and stunning website, building your dream backyard with Backyard Kingdom has never been so easy.

Images featured in article courtesy of Backyard Kingdom.