With the world under lockdown thanks to the persistent Coronavirus, running a business has, and will continue to be, an unprecedented challenge for millions. But, it’s not an unimaginable feat. Now is a better time than ever to take a step back, re-evaluate your business plans, and push forward with a new vision. 

Where should you begin?

  1.  In an almost entirely digital age, start by bringing your company online. If you don’t have a website, create one that’s user-friendly and uniquely presents your business in a professional manner. If your website is outdated, consider revamping it. If mastering the digital landscape isn’t your forte, don’t worry. That’s what we at Aje are here for.
  2. With a website up and running, you can transform a business that once relied heavily on person-to-person contact into one that thrives off of digital interaction. Those in retail can utilize their website to capitalize on e-commerce, making products available online for those unable to shop in person. For those in real estate or the medical field, your site can direct clients to an easily accessible appointment booking page. Check out how a few of our own clients found success doing this below. 
  3. While we may now live life largely through a screen, the importance of establishing and maintaining relationships prevails. It is ever crucial to view customers as individual human beings. As a small business or start up, your connections with clients distinguish you from booming corporations. Remind them of who you are, what you value, and how your services can address their needs during the pandemic. 
  • Consider offering virtual events, giveaways, rewards programs, newsletters, and blogs, promoting them on your website and social media platforms. Take Ari Schonbrun as a great example. Pre-pandemic business meant traveling to speak in front of crowds of hundreds, sometimes thousands of people. Now, Ari has launched a virtual training program called “Decide! Change! Succeed!”, where he mentors businesses on best practices to thrive. 
  • Paint With Me! is another business that has flourished digitally amidst the pandemic. In the past, Paint With Me! conducted painting workshops, where even the least experienced artists could make something beautiful. Thanks to their new website, customers can do just that from their homes. Their recently launched site features a booking calendar, allowing customers to register for an upcoming virtual event and even order a kit with supplies in advance of the event. 
  • If adding new events isn’t right for your business model, take a simpler route that strategically updates clients on your status. Best Care, a Florida caregiving service that has recently come to Aje to design their website, added new COVID information to their site. Doing so helped ensure that current and potential clients feel comfortable with nurses and caregivers entering their homes in times of uncertainty. 

These Aje clients proved that success in the thick of a pandemic required innovation, but was far from impossible. For your company, these various digital options can undoubtedly inspire social distancing while facilitating business and encouraging human connection. These days, that’s something we all need a little more of.