Congregation Ohr HaTorah Opening Weekend

Congregation Ohr HaTorah (OHT) entrusted AJE Digital with a crucial mission: to craft an array of compelling marketing materials and eye-catching flyers for their highly anticipated Opening Weekend, marking the grand inauguration of their brand-new synagogue facility. AJE Digital embarked on this project with a deep understanding of OHT’s values and mission, ensuring that the materials would resonate with the congregation’s diverse membership.

The team at AJE Digital approached the task with creativity and precision, meticulously designing promotional flyers and marketing collateral that showcased the beauty and significance of the newly constructed building. Each piece was strategically crafted to convey a sense of unity, spiritual fulfillment, and community engagement that OHT embodies.

Through a seamless collaboration between Congregation Ohr HaTorah and AJE Digital, the resulting marketing materials became powerful tools to generate excitement, attract attendees, and commemorate this historic moment in OHT’s journey. The Opening Weekend was not just a celebration of bricks and mortar but a testament to the enduring spirit and commitment of the congregation.

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Cong Ohr Hatorah Bergenfield
Cong Ohr Hatorah Bergenfield

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