Ari Schonbrun – 9/11 Survivor

On September 11th, 2001, Ari Schonbrun went to his office at Cantor Fitzgerald – the Wall Street firm that occupied the top five floors of Tower One – and he happened to be on the 78th floor changing elevators when the first plane hit.

In the midst of the smoke and chaos, Ari found a fellow employee who was terribly burned and who needed his help to walk her down 78 flights of stairs. Of the 662 Cantor employees on the upper floors in the World Trade Center that day, only four survived. Ari has since told his heroic and miraculous story around the world through his public speaking engagements and his book, Miracle & Fate on 78.

Ari needed an online presence to share his message and interact with those who find inspiration in his story. We created a website to include information about Ari, testimonials from those he’s impacted, a personal blog, photo gallery and booking form. We also continue to share blog posts and event recaps on his social media profiles including Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. To further promote Ari’s public speaking availability, the below promotional video was created and promoted on Ari’s YouTube channel.

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